Cable assembly Micro-Fit, Micro MATE-N-LOK, Micro MaTch and Mini-Fit

Cable assembly Micro-Fit, Mini-Fit, Micro MATE-N-LOK, Micro MaTchLK Connector Automotive

The name says it all - compact connection technology in various designs:

  • Micro MaTch for ribbon cables pitch 1.27
  • Micro MATE-N-LOK for pitch 3.0 with lowest overall height
  • Micro-Fit power connectors up to 10.5 A pitch 3.0
  • Mini Fit high current up to 9,0 A with high density in pitch 4,2

The common: The specialists of Sarek Kabel process all series in usual quality: All numbers of poles, pin and socket - and the contacts are in stock and therefore assembled cables can be produced at short notice. By the way: We also produce the Mini-Fit and Micro-Fit Series as overmolded cable assemblies - and you can find them here.

Micro-fit pen housing 8p 2r on a GPS tracker cable

Micro MATE-N-LOK female housing 4p 2R assembled as part of a cable harness for a coating machine

Micro Match 10p with ribbon cable 10xAWG28 UL 2651 assembled as part of a cable set for a measuring instrument


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