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Professional partner for OEM cable development

You are a manufacturer of devices, machines, equipment or components and would like to consult the development skills of an external company? No problem for SAREK KABEL. We give your trend-setting techniques valuable impulses with innovative methods as a development partner. Whether application-specific cables with special cable cross-sections, or materials such as halogen-free flame-retardant or techniques such as silicone insulation are required. Or whether certain added values in terms of functionality, such as low-noise or high flexible cable designs are required, with the right partner, innovations around the cable can be realized with ingenuity and new high-performance materials

OEM cable development with expertise

Are your ideas technically feasible and both easy and inexpensive to implement? Questions like these, when it comes down to technical feasibility studies, will be quickly and efficiently answered by us with test runs and a sample service. It all starts with the expert advice, stating a technically and economically optimized cable design. After that comes building a prototype. SAREK CABLE quickly provides you with the sample with the desired specifications.

Talk to us if you are looking for a competent partner in the development of OEM cable, or just send us your requirements. Whether miniaturization, increased flexibility or special requirements regarding heat resistance and durability are needed, we offer solutions that meet your needs or even exceed them.



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