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The first-choice when outsourcing cable assembly!

SAREK KABEL is one of Germany’s leading specialists for cable assembly. Cable assembly is our speciality, our passion, our key competency. SAREK KABEL is also one of the few cable assembly specialists that are also a cable manufacturer. This means that to date we still produce a lot of the cables that we work with ourselves. As a result we are our partner’s first-choice in cable conception and development. Take a look at the list of our services:

Cable assembly

SAREK offers more than just plain old cable assembly. Our service includes everything in the process chain, from the simple assembly of cable and connector to a complete development partnership. We even supply you with C-parts. Take a look at Cable assembly.

On demand: Support with cable development

As SAREK KABEL is not only a cable assembly specialist but also a cable manufacturer we can use our expertise to consult in various areas and stages of cable and product development as well as support you with the engineering.

Know-how as cable manufacturer

SSAREK KABEL as a cable manufacturer supplies various well known technology companies. As such we can supply for example flat-round cable for special applications. This is just one of many examples that can be found on Cable manufacturing.

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