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Our understanding of quality and environment

"Our success in the market manifests itself only through satisfied customers. For the satisfaction of our customers it is of vital importance that ALL requirements of the customer are met. Besides the hard factors such as function, reliability, safety and price of product, factors such as delivery time and above all delivery reliability become more and more important. "

So we set our objectives in the ISO-9001-manual. We take a holistic approach from development to delivery and offer the entire process chain of added value. Satisfied customers make us happy. Demanding customers inspire us to continuous improvement and high performance. All this is achieved only through satisfied motivated employees who deal in modern premises with modern equipment and with the fulfillment of the defined requirements.

Environmental protection

Environmental protection is not an end in itself but added value for us. Resources saved today are the capital of the future. Resource protection begins with product development and selection of appropriate materials and ends internally in the separation of recyclable materials or externally in the selection of optimal packing and shipping methods. Our building is fully thermally insulated and has a ground water pump (8 holes per 92m) for heating with CO2 savings of about 6 t / a. In addition, we have a photovoltaic system with 22 kWp and an annual CO2 reduction of about 16 t / a. In the balance power consumption heat pump to generate solar power we generate an increase of ca. 7600kWh / a.

SAREK KABEL with TUV certification

For the Development, Manufacture and Sales of cables, conductors and assembled cables SAREK KABEL has implemented a quality management system and applies this.

The TUV certificate can be downloaded here: Downloads


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