Qualität Sarek Kabel Kabelhersteller Stuttgart Waiblingen

Excerpt from our ISO-9001-manual


Our success in the market manifests itself only through satisfied customers. For the satisfaction of our customers it is of vital importance that ALL requirements of the customer are met. Besides the hard factors such as function, reliability, safety and price of product, factors such as delivery time and above all delivery reliability become more and more important. Protection of the environment and of natural resources and sustainable practices are a sign of responsible character and quality-conscious actions and determine our daily activities. 

Quality Policy

  1. Satisfaction of our customers and interested parties is our top priority - everything is subordinate to this. All processes and all communications are aligned to this .
  2. Continuous analysis of chances and risks of our processes enables us to take measures to prevent mistakes and to foster our development. This eliminates friction in our procedures and leads to improved cooperation with all parties.
  3. By direct communication with customers, technically and commercially, locally and in house, we achieve the highest customer service 
  4. Through involvement and responsibility of all employees in the business processes we achieve the identification of the internal service provider with the requirements of customers and the market 
  5. The continuous improvement of our operations allows us to delivery times, improve product quality and profitability 
  6. Flexibility in all areas of the entire company allows the best and fastest possible responsiveness to requirements, also non-standard, of all customers and interested parties. 
  7. Ongoing analysis of our environment and the context of the company allows us to continuously optimize our strategic direction and to react fast to new customer wishes and changes in the market.

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