Cable assembly connector - solenoid valve connector

Solenoid valve plugs in various designs are available almost everywhere, also with cable, as a low-priced standard product. With wiring, transparent, and much more. The second side is exciting: homemade and binding capacity. Or ask the specialists at Sarek Kabel for help: especially when it comes to variants or quantities.

Solenoid valve connector transparent with wiring on Binder p.680 4-p 09-0309-00-04


Magnetic valve connector on Binder p.680 3-p 09-0305-00-03


MSUB style A with LED and protective circuit on 106462-1 2-p 2.8 mm TAB housing

Provided customized valve cable: cut to required lengths and strip, apply wrap label, crimp Harting 09020006484 crimp spring contact B-C PL2 and apply heat shrink tubes with addresses.


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