Cable assembly Fulfillment - packed ready for use

Individually packaged ready-made cables and assemblies: for service technicians, for installation partners, for end customers. Supplied with operating instructions, or with circuit diagram or installation instructions. Neutral or with logo, barcode, or talking label. Neutral direct shipping. Individually in a bag or assembly packaging in an outer carton. Various wires and cables packed together for specific assemblies for easier installation at the customer's site. Specialists from Sarek Kabel help to optimise your logistics.

Motor cable for TS 2plus with HAN3A and Q5/0-M-C to-go packed for service technicians incl. bag with wiring diagram and mating connector incl. housing and contacts

D-SUB crimp connector with PTFE wires single ready for sale Blister packed


div cores for on-site wiring of a sub-distributor in bags with descriptive label


Hall sensor assembled and insulated, MOLEX Micro-Fit plug-plug, and 1 loose housing to plug in after installation: ready-to-install set in bag


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