Sealing a teflon cable in a metall gland


A Teflon cable needed to be sealed in order to prevent both moisture by capillary action from entering through the cable as well as the penetration of moisture from the outside.

Technical challenge

Permanently good adhesion on teflon is difficult. The Teflon cable has by design a fiber glass filler, which increases the capillary effect significantly. Operating temperature range -40 / +180 ° C must be ensured.


The fiber glass filler is removed on the screw connection side. A shrink tube is then attached to the cable, which partially seals the connection from screw to cable from the outside and which increases the adhesion. A specially selected high viscosity silicone penetrates the deepest points of the screw-disc. This silicone was chosen because of its high adhesion on nickel-plated surfaces, so that the connection to the screw is sealed. Due to the high viscosity all points of the cables open end are optimally enclosed, so that we get a complete impermeability here.


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