Internal wiring of joysticks for mobile hydraulics


Our client required the internal wiring for an industrial joystick used for the control and operation of hydraulic valves in special vehicles. Application is inside a cabin, but environmental conditions are rated rough due to multidirectional movements of the joystick. Frequently used in winter in Scandinavia. Ambient temperature is between -40 and + 70oC. The compact construction of the joystick limits the construction of the assembly

Technical challenge

Constant movement of the joystick and the extremely small bending radii cause extreme mechanical stress to the single cores and the contact points.


The selection of special insulation and jacket materials grants not only the temperature resistance but also the mechanical resistance against the constant unspecified movements of the wires. In addition the special polyether PUR jacket offers resistance against microbes and hydrolysis. This highly notch-resistant jacket is surrounded by a non-adhesive "orange skin" and has sufficient wall thickness to offer mechanical protection against the permanent manual operation, even when the operator is wearing gloves. Optimized crimping of the contacts and the professional soldering of the micro switches guarantee lasting and secure connections.


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