Case Study spiral cable with M12 and D-SUB for barcode reader

A handheld scanner in roughest industrial application faces regular breakage of cores: sure, since it suffers unguided movements in a huge number of vastly different constellations. Analysis done by the customer show clearly that individual operators perform different movements in the course of a day, let alone different operators.

After detailed analysis the Sarek specialists worked out a detailed solution package:

  • the current cable with PVC insulation is replaced with one with extremely tough and resistant TPE-insulation
  • the cable is made with a spiral shield, this is much more flexible than the braid shield in flexing and movements
  • after coiling, the cable is getting a back twist to further increase the memory effect
  • the shielded 12-pole M12 connector is overmoulded for optimum connection, protection, and strain relief
  • the 9-pole D-SUB is getting an additional connector for power supply. We have inserted a diode to ensure there can not be voltage on the RS232. A heat-shrinkg tube with inner glue enables bundling and common strain relief.

Spiral cable with M12 + D-SUB + power supply

Diode in D-SUB-connector

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