Cable assembly for AGV Automated Guided Vehicles

Our customer develops and produces materials handling equipment and systems for intralogistics. The core product for material movement are driverless transport systems. Autonomously controlled self-propelled transporters that transport goods from warehouse to workstation and back, as well as incoming goods to warehouse or workstation to workstation or picking station.

The modular design of the AGVs allows standardization of the installed components as well as scalability of the size and thus flexible and fast response to customer requirements. For this purpose, Sarek Kabel produces approx. 30 different individual cable assemblies, from which the respective cable set for the differently configured AGVs is assembled.

The basis here are M8 and M12 connector cables as well as M17 motor cables. These are purchased on the market on the one hand and produced by Sarek on the other. Always the same is the individual processing of the second side, here the MOLEX MiniFit and MEGA-fit systems in different numbers of poles are used. In addition, there are individually designed assemblies based on multi-core cables and also single-core cables. All of them are provided with addresses on both sides to facilitate installation and reduce errors.

M17 motor cable with MiniFit housing for signals and MEGA-Fit housing for supply

Cores 10mm2 and 16mm2 with REDCUBE high current contacts up to 80 A

Standard M8 Cable with MiniFit

M8 cable with snap-lock and MiniFit

M12 BUS cable with MiniFit

Standard M12 cable with MiniFit ...

... and an inserted terminating resistor

Assembled single wire with MiniFit

Sheathed cable 2 x 0.5 with MiniFit

Sheathed cable 18 x 0,25 drag-able with 2 x MiniFit

Wire bundle with ferrules



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