Cable set for e-wheelchair

Cable set for e-wheelchair

Our customer is developing an e-wheelchair: based on a Segway, Sarek Kabel is commissioned to produce all required individual cables including the distributor for the complete secondary wiring, i.e. the wheelchair-specific part.

A basic idea is that the user or a workshop can replace individual cables on site in such a way that there is absolute protection against polarity reversal. For this reason, Sarek Kabel equips the distributor cover with flange plugs and flange sockets of the M8 and M12 series, in male and female versions with different numbers of poles: 10 different, each one once. And for power supply one XLR. The cores of the flanges are machined on the second side. Likewise the second side of the respective M8 and M12 wires, so that in the end a complete ready-to-install system is created.

Distributor plug-in view


Distributor lateral


Distributor during production: Potting of the protective hose


Sensor detection bottom


lifting magnets


ready-to-connect wiring provided support motors


Sensor detection driver


Hall sensor




Battery connection


Power supply connection


Control panel connection


Sub-distribution LED


Power supply with cold appliance connection


Ground wire



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