Extensions for Stretch Limos

Extensions for Stretch Limos

Not really e-mobility, but electrics for mobility. In the special vehicle construction series vehicles are refined. For stretch limos, the vehicle including the wiring harness is cut apart in the middle and rebuilt after extension. Sarek supplies vehicle wires in various colors and cross-sections in fitting length with butt connectors crimped on one side, shrink tubing already pulled over: customer inserts, crimps second side and shrinks - connecting can be so simple.

single vehicle wire with 2 butt connectors


detail view


the cores are also twisted into pairs at Sarek as required and then crimped


supply 16mm2 with tube connector


and of course the antenna is also extended: coax cable DACAR 302 with Rosenberger 59S100-1M4A4 pin and 59K130-1M4A4 socket to FAKRA



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