Special cable bundle stranded for extremely pressure-resistant application 

The Task

The customer requires a 42 x 0.5 mm2 cable. Due to the installation situation, the cable should be able to withstand extreme mechanical stresses such as abrasion and movement as well as high permanent pressure.

The Challanges

The cable structure must be perfectly symmetrical in order to distribute the pressure evenly. The materials must be selected accordingly. Classic layer stranding is out of the question due to the small bending radii.

The Solution

The conductor consists of 19 wires, which are stranded and therefore perfectly round. Insulated cores are stranded into 6 bundles of 7 cores each, the bundles are geometrically optimally structured with 1+6. These bundles are stranded around a central filler made of the same high-slip and pressure-resistant material. One filler of the same material fills each of the outer gussets and makes the entire stranding system rounder. A fleece banding is applied on top to smooth the surface of the stranded composite. A pressure-extruded inner sheath made of a slightly softer material bonds with the fleece and ends up with a very round, smooth surface on which the extremely pressure-resistant outer sheath is then sprayed perfectly round and smooth.

The Development

Stranding of the bundles and outer fillers.

Banded stranded bond.

Longitudinal view of the finished cable.

Sectional view of the finished cable.


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