Special cable as a spiralcable for an aircraft tractor

The Task

Aircraft and helicopters are moved efficiently and environmentally friendly with aircraft tractors. An operator controls the aircraft tractor via a control unit connected to the tractor by a space-saving spiral cable as an umbilical cord. The operator is far enough away from the tractor and the aircraft to maintain a full overview, allowing optimal and space-saving maneuvering and parking.

The Challanges

Challenges were not only the two braided shields that counteract the spiral forces. The cable weight also had to be kept as low as possible to make it easier to operate. High restoring forces facilitate cleanup, and the sheath must have very high abrasion resistance. Finally, the twisted-pair CAN cable must not lose its geometry and thus its electrical properties when the spiral is moved.

The Solution

For a new generation of remote control, Sarek Kabel developed a special cable that integrates supply and signal wires as well as a completely shielded CAN line. To prevent electrical interference, the cable is also fully shielded.

The Development

Concept of the raw cable: CAN in 1x2x0.5 is not only shielded and has a jacket, but also gets a gusset-filling inner jacket to maintain the geometry during movements. Two supply cores 1.0 mm2 and 3 signal cores 0.5 mm2 as well as a filler are stranded torsion-free around the CAN cable. An overall braid protects against external influences and the thick PUR jacket optimizes the restoring force.

Realization: The specialists at Sarek Kabel implemented the concept perfectly

In the non-extended state, the spiral has a length of 220 cm ...

...and a weight of only 3,6 kg.

Test: Although the spiral cable is used for horizontal applications, it can of course also be suspended on a vertical trial basis ...

... and hangs out only approx. 60 cm due to the optimal retracting force.

In the experiment, the hanging helix is then extended by approx. 240 cm and jumps directly back to the initial state, with only minimal back "oscillations"

Please have a look at the Video below.


More about spiral cable you find here:



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