CAN-BUS-hybrid cable for permanent non-guided movements in rough environment


Customer requires a cable that has integrated power supply cores under the same jacket as a pair for CAN-BUS transmission. Use is on the arm of forestry equipment where it is permanently moving unguided, without chain, moved, swaying, and also with torsion. As the equipment is often used in winter in Scandinavia it requires a temperature range of -40 to + 70 ° C.

Technical challenge

Critical is, next to the reliability of power supply cores, especially the transmission reliability of the BUS signals. The danger by flying wood chips and branches increases the need for mechanical stability. Oil resistance is also something that needs to be considered due to the proximity to hydraulic lines. Additionally the resistance against microorganisms present in the forest must be ensured. .


The selection of special insulation and jacket materials ensure the needed temperature resistance while the special polyether PURjacket assures the microbial resistance. The high notch-resistant jacket is coated with a non-adhesive "orange skin" and has sufficient wall thickness to safeguard mechanical protection. The CAN-BUS pair gets a special, highly lubricious teflon-coating in order to avoid internal adhesion. The superfine tinned copper strands contribute significantly to the corrosion resistance and ensure maximum flexibility with support of coordinated strand lay lengths and the torsion-free stranding.


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