Cable assembly marking, labelling, printing

Cable assembly marking, labelling, printing

There is often the question how cable assemblies can be marked or printed, complete or in part. Also there ist he question of printed wires or customer printing on the cable jacket.

You find information about printing on cables and wires here.

The specialists at Sarek Kabel mark, sign, and print their cable assemblies in various ways, always per customer and application requirements. Here you find a few:

Printed heat-shrink tube

This can be shrunk complete, whereby it also has a bundling function. Or it is, in the non-printed part, part-shrunk and offers better and bigger legibility in the printed area, at the same time making sure it does not change position.


Marking rings

An alternative can be marking rings, which are often used in cabinet assembly. Absolutely stable and clear legibility, but not really suitable to bigger texts.


Printed heat-shrink tubes can be made also with longer texts, can also be in 2-line-text. As additional abrasion or wiping protection we can apply a second transparent heat-shrink tube over the printed tube.


Wrapping label

Another elegant method of cable marking are wrapping labels: a self-adhesive label with white printing area and a subsequent transparent area. When wrapping this around the cable, the transparent part covers the text and acts as abrasion protection.


On top of these there are many other marking and printing systems for cables and wires – contact us to discuss your requirements./


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