cable assembly cable assembler with insert molding procedure Makromelt

Overmoulding with low pressure - /low-temperature process

In order to optimize the connection between cable and plug or seal and prevent damage or failure, a hot-melt method (at SAREK: Makromelt) is usually the first choice. With low-pressure- / low-temperature connections, the cables or connections are encapsulated with care. This provides professional protection against damage and moisture at economic conditions. The low cost of the machined aluminum tools makes the process especially interesting for small and medium-sized series: good technology, good appearance, good prices!


Cable assembly with overmolding (hotmelt / macromelt process): 

  • Overmolding of connectors
  • Overmolding of cable sleeves
  • Overmolding of strain reliefs
  • Overmolding of special insulation components
  • Function integration (connector, clamping as well as holding devices)
  • Sealing and insulation of Y-connections.


Overmolded Mini-PCD

2 wires soldered to PCB and AMP flat connector 964269-3 crimped with single wire seal and PCB overmolded with Hotmelt.

Overmolded D-SUB connector with soldered resistor - single view.

Overmolded D-SUB connector with soldered resistor - complete overview

Overmolded soldered resistor.

Overmolded circuit board with 2 retaining lugs.

Molded strain relief grommet

Overmolded angular connector

Overmolded grommet for beading a sensor receptacle

Overmolded SUPERSEAL Connector


You can find overmoulded SUPERSEAL connectors HERE

You can find cable soldered to PCB HERE


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