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Potting and Molding as a special protection and isolation

With the right potting, components can often be sealed better than with other methods. We recommend potting especially if the connector and the respective electronic components are used in harsh environments or subject to extreme environmental conditions. With the help of potting we can achieve even oil and gas tightness for the applications of our customers and also provide electrical isolation in high voltage ranges.

Depending on the application, we can select the optimal potting compounds. We pot manually or by machine; be it housing, grommets or others. For this potting we use for example a special high-viscosity silicone that has maximum adhesion to metals. Through this we can seal for example a teflon cable in a metal screw from the outside and on the other side against possible capillary effects through the cable.

BOSCH 1928402452 connector 3-pin Sw and 1280703022 protective cap molded with silicone

This also works: for a laboratory test, the matching mating connector could not be identified. According to our suggestion, the wires were soldered directly to the contacts and the housing was potted with silicone: Sealing and insulation

Weidmüller 1863020000 SMT PCB male header assembled and 2K molded for additional protection and strain relief

Complete bandaged wiring harness for refrigerated transporters: potting of the central cable gland and insertion: additional fixation and sealing to avoid cold bridges.

This picture and the one below belong together: Binder Flange 19P St Solder S423 0904638019 HWM with 18 cores in glass silk tube and Micro Mate-N-Lok 1-794606-1 for housing 1794617-8

Housing 1-794617-8, rear flange potted with 2K: Sealing, strain relief, fixing glass silk hose. Photo created during curing

For a vehicle control, two cables are fitted with vehicle connectors and inserted into a box in which the wires are connected, a 120 Ohm CAN resistor is inserted here. The box is then encapsulated.


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