cable assembly cable assembly of spiral cables / coiled cables and molded plugs

The correct twist for spiral cables

We have the hang of spiral cables. We spiralize a wide variety of standard cables, from H03VV-F to H07BQ-F, and also produce coiled cables made of H07RN-F rubber cable. And develop application specific special cables with optimal spiralization. In different lengths up to 4.5m block length, for different extension lengths, in different diameters.

Spiral cables made of transparent wires - spiral transparent wires.
For design-oriented applications mainly in the field of lighting. Although the restoring force is not very strong, the cable is tidy and captivates with its visual effects.

Spiralized encoder cables / motor cables / BUS cables

Spiralized encoder cables / spiralized motor cables / spiralized BUS cables

For automation technology we spiralize encoder / motor / BUS cables and thus ensure tidy cable lengths. We manufacture with small minimum quantities and process the ends according to specification.

We supply moulded connectors, straight and right angle, according to the various national standards and with approval sign, eg VDE, EURO, SEV, BS. 3-wire with grounding contact (Socket) or 2-wire. Also available as American and Australian standard plug. The moulded-on plugs are supplied with straight cable ends, as well as coiled cords with moulded plugs.

PUR 5G2,5 700 mm x 2800 mm with excellent memory effect

Spiral cable from rubber cable H07RN-F

Abrasion resistant and UV resistant: rubber cable H07RN-F is popularly used especially in outdoor applications such as construction sites. This is also spiralized by Sarek Kabel. Restoring forces are slightly lower than PUR cables.

Spiral cable with low restoring force

What looks bad at first glance, is in fact exactly what the application requires: spiral cable is passed from the inside over a Teflon-coated wire rope. Is pulled out and returned by hand, function of the spiral is, in addition to the extension, the order after the "clean up". The PUR cable was spiralized with an inner diameter of 85mm - hardly any restoring force, but the shape of the spiral is maintained.

Sensor cable 4 x0,34 in block length 4 m - one of our longest. Extendable to 16 meters! When it's needed, it's there. And after use neatly tidied away, without the famous cable tangle!


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