Cable Assemblies overmoulded cordsets

Cable Assemblies overmoulded cordsets

We supply molded plugs also on side 2, straight and angled, according to various national standards and with approval marks, e.g. VDE, EURO, SEV, BS. 3-wire with earthing contact (SCHUKO) or 2-wire. Also American or Australian standard plugs. Device supply lines made of PVC and with rubber cable. Second side smooth cut or machined as desired and thus directly ready for installation. Basic cable from European production with clean approvals, REACH and ROHS.

Rubber cable H07RN-F with molded Schuko angle plug

Rubber cable is also available in different UL types, here SJOW and molded connector NEMA 5-15 P here in 3xAWG 14


Molded UK plug BS 1362, 2- or 3-wire with fuse

We supply the overmoulded cordsetzs with straight cable ends, and also as spiral cables with overmoulded plug.

Moulding plugs onto devices or assemblies

Connectors can also be moulded onto devices, assemblies, etc., as for example here:

A moulded EURO contour plug to a ballast unit provided


Device supply cable side 2 assembled

Plug-in cables, cables with moulded plugs or device supply cables: different terms for the same product. What is meant and spoken about is almost exclusively the plug side. The special thing about SAREK KABEL's plug cables is that our qualified personnel assemble the second side ready for use:

This is a moulded socket for non-heating appliances, with a cable gland on the second side ready for installation and a double connection option for the protective conductor.


Here a ready-to-install cold device socket cable. Page 2 650 mm stripped and 2 cores shortened. The shortened with insulated ferrules, the green-yellow wire with insulated ring terminal as leading contact.

Here a moulded Schuko right-angle plug with a spiralised supply line. On side 2 a strain relief grommet, 2 cores were shortened to make the leading protective conductor, and all cores get insulated or non-insulated flat plug sleeves.


Schuko angle plugs and insulated flat plug sleeves


D-SUB 9p overmoulded


Harmonized PVC cable spiralized and end lengths according to specification and one-sided cold appliance plug C13 molded on


Y-distributor ultra flat M5 4p male and M5 4p female to M5 4p female

What if that doesn't work? Or the quantity is too small?

Of course, we also manufacture device supply cables with mounted plugs - especially for small series.

Molded Schuko coupling and mounted cold socket with heat shrink tubing

Here a mounted mains socket and on the second side a mains filter from SCHAFFNER - properly shrink-wrapped with a thick-walled heat-shrink tubing with hot-melt adhesive.


Molex Micro-Fit 6p 43025-0600 overmolded


Molex Mini-Fit 6p 39-01-2065 Series 5557 overmolded


Our specialities

overmoulded transparent plugs on transparent cables for design lighting applications.

We produce overmoulded transparent plugs with small MOQ´s with cables in standard dimensions. The earth conductor is marked with filament and therefore not visible at a distance. These cables and cordsets do not have a VDE approval and may only installed by suitably trained specialists.

Here you find the overview of our transparent cables
Here  you find our spiralised transparent cables
Here  you find overmoulded M12 connectors

Injected plugs on textile cable - cable with textile braiding

We supply cables with textile braiding, i.e. braided cables or textile cables, in various cable types and in a wide range of colours. We are particularly proud of our technology for attaching moulded plugs such as Schuko plugs or EURO plugs to such cables. Since the textile braiding is integrated by the overmoulding process, the plugs must not have any approval markings


Textile cable H03VV-F 2x0.75 with moulded EURO plug


Find textile cables here


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