Cable Assembly for Automotive Connectors: Hirschmannn

Cable assembly automotive connectors Hirschmann

For various test and measurement applications, Sarek Kabel processes the connectors of the traditional Hirschmann Automotive company and thus manufactures high-quality application-specific laboratory cables, measuring cables, test leads and much more


MLK 2-pin 1.2 Hirschmann 872-406-521 via customer-specific special cable to LAS N WS Hirschmann tower connector

MLK 5-pin 1,2 Hirschmann 806-974-511 with contacts 1718761-1 and Teflon strands on 4H0 973 713 FEP 6-pin flat contact housing

Sealstar MLK 5-pin Hirschmann 872-860-541 with contacts 7-1452671-3 and FEL strands on LAS N WS Hirschmann tower connector

Hirschmann Sealstar 5p female with FLR91X - cores in Schlemmer corrugated tube 1200061 and with Schlemmer corrugated tube adapter 9814753, connected with Hirschmann CA6LS round connector 6+PE

7-1452668-3 MCON 1,2 female contact in MLK 4-p 805-122-565 = BMW 8509443-0. Teflon cores 205 degrees Celsuis and PA braided hose 150 degrees Celsius

Sealstar MLK 3-pin 2.8 Hirschmann 805-199-521 with contacts 22124492075 SLK 2.8 and FEP litz wires on BSB 20 K Hirschmann tuft connector

Sealstar MLK 3-pin 1.2 Hirschmann 805-121-581 with contacts 7-1452668-3 MCON 1.2 and FEP strands


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