Cable assemblies with electronic components

Cable assemblies with electronic components

To work with electronic components in a manual soldering process is one of the specialities of our soldering department. Whether coils, diodes, resistors, ferrite core, microswitch – SAREK produces cable assemblies with a diverse range of electronic components suitable for specific applications.

Hier ein ARCOL Drahtwiderstand in eine Ader eingelötet

Here a harness with microswitch and coil.

Microswitchse are a commonly used product at SAREK – here a nice sample.

And here a diode, which finds it´s application here.

And then the vast field of soldered resistors. Whether a 120OHM CAN- terminating resistor or in a D-SUB-plug which is then overmoulded with macromelt.

Or with single cores in a pluggable version. For further information on overmoulding of electronic components check.

Here you find 2 examples of harnesses with toroidal tape-wound cores: first cores wound around the core and soldered to a PCB.

And here two toroidal tape-wound cores positioned over a cable and fixed with heatshrink.

And we solder a customer-specific PCB into one of the D-SUB´s.

Einbau eines Kondensators in D-SUB

Verdrahtung mit 2-poligem Umschalter/Wippenschalter, beidseitig rastend, mit 0 in der Mitte

Verdrahtung und Isolation von Hall-Sensoren

Verdrahtung Platine mit anschließender Umspritzung

Verdrahtung Platine und Anschluß mit Flachbandleitung

verdrahteter Kipphebelschalter

Further information on cable assemblies and harnesses for electronics with processed PCB´s can also be found here.