Cable soldered to PCB

Cable soldered to PCB

There are reasons against it – but also maby for it: and therefore our qualified staff solder singlecore and multicore cables directly onto PCB´s in highest quality – also with the second side also preassembled. But this is not the end of our service – it only starts here. See for yourself:

Here we assemble 18 single cores to the PCB, they are divided into 2 groups for PCB-connectors

and here we assemble a circuit board with 6 wires - but this is only step 1:

Because we part-assemble the PCB, overmould it with our sensitive Makromelt-process (see here) and then the complete product incl a handling instruction, is packaged in a blister with barcode label – READY TO SELL.

Cable harness with test boards


PCB with 10 wires AWG26, JST ZHR-13 housing and blade receptacle

various prefabricated cores, bandaged elements and connector cable to motor control board


Cable assembled in house, plugged onto board, sealed, board glued and painted


Wires soldered to LED board, wires run through housing, with JST SPH-002T-P0.5S contacts and PHR-2 housing


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