Cable assembly Cable to PCB and THT

Cable assembly Cable to PCB and THT

There are reasons against it - but there are also many reasons in favour of it: and that is why our qualified employees solder cables and single wires in best quality also to PCBs - gladly also in such a way that the second side is processed at the same time. But our service does not end there - selectively soldered components and PCB pin strips using the THT process (through hole technology) are also part of our scope of services.

First, JST type PH PCB pin headers are soldered to the pre-assembled PCB provided and then 2 electrolytic capacitors are soldered in. Then 3 supply wires are attached before...



... the supply wires are fitted with flat plug sleeves and insulating grommets. Parallel to this, 3 small adapters were built, side 1 with PHR are plugged into the board at the end, side 2 with DF62W series housings.



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