Cable assembly Interference suppression Ferrite core

Ferrite sleeve, ferrite bead, ferrite core, toroidal core, toroidal ribbon core: many names, one principle: as interference suppression they prevent a cable from becoming an antenna. If cables are led through a ferrite core (see above), their inductance acts like a choke and attenuates interference that can be caused by electronic devices. The specialists at Sarek Kabel thus protect wires and cables, even on circuit boards.

Ferrite core in cable set for operating handle Electrical appliance

2 ferrite half-shells held together by shrink-fitting to sensor cable

Ferrite sleeve on wiring harness for measuring instrumentt

2 toroidal tape wound cores on electronic connection cable, held in position by shrink tubing

shrunk toroidal tape wound core on board

ready-to-install interference suppression kit with 2 toroidal tape wound cores

Cable harness with DF62W-6S-2.2C socket housing 6P and 4P and ferrite sleeve in corrugated tube for operating handle in electric handheld device


Ferrite cores and sleeves and line filters


Various cores with different end finishes soldered on PCB and provided with ferrite cores

D-SUB 26p with 2 x LiYCY on D-SUB 15p and PCB header MC 1.5/4 with 2 x hinged ferrite.


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