Cable assembly M5, M8, M12-connector

Cable assembly M5, M8, M12-connector

Do you know the feeling? You need a good sensor cable with overmoulded M12 connector in any coding – and you can get this from various suppliers. But unfortunately the M12 remains on one side, since on the other side you need another plug. Or you need a specific assembly on one side and an M12 on the other side. Or the unthinkable: a specific cable as opposed to the supplier standard!

The solution: starting from small MOQ SAREK KABEL will produce a customized M12 lead – YOUR M12-assembly. Or an M12-cordset with a special cable from SAREK, or a cable provided by you: M12 customized assemblies from SAREK!

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In addition to overmolded M8 and M12 connectors, we can of course also mount freely assembled M8 and M12 connectors on unshielded and shielded cables. This is recommended for small series, for application-specific cables and also for spiral cables:

Custom produced spiral cable with molded M8


12-core unshielded cable customized spiral and with M12 connector


Connection cable for handheld scanner with hollow socket for power supply, M12 connector for the scanner and D-Sub on the device. Custom spiralized.


Connecting cable M8 to M5 straight


Connecting cable M8 to M5 angled

MIL right angle connector mounted on M12 with metal housing


Y-distributor 2xM12 4-pin to 1xM12 8-pin


Of course, the specialists at Sarek Kabel also mount the assembled sensor cables on or in devices or assemblies


M12 plug cable mounted on cylinder motor

M8 plug cable ready made as lighting cable E-Mobility


You can find other molded connectors here


Power to the system: Schuko plug mounted on M12 power socket. On request, from a small minimum quantity, the Schuko plug can also be molded onto the M12 cable.


Shorten and strip Grundfos sensor cable to required lengths, attach wrap label, attach 1542897 shielded 4p M8 A-cod.

Coding position
For the different connector sizes there are different codings for different applications. Basically, these are represented in the mating face via latching lugs or contours, as shown in DIN EN 61076. Shape and position are defined, thus the positioning of the individual pins is also defined. Depending on the application, the position of the coding may be required at a different location, which means that the positioning of the individual pins is shifted for the same assignment.

Case study for an extension cable:

CAT.5 Industrial Ethernet 4x2xAWG26 with 2 x M12 right angle male to female, each A-coded according to DIN EN 610762-101.

Standard according to norm.

Desired coding first example.

Desired coding second example.

Shown here in practical realization.


Further case study: M8 connector

Also with the small M8 plugs the coding position can be changed, also here naturally particularly with the angle plugs interesting as installation assistance. Here a 4-pole female connector. These are round in the standard, the coding is therefore the round plug face circumference. On the example, this was offset by 180 degrees - installation made easy without twisting the connection cable.

Special assignments in small quantities are also possible without any problems: M12 socket 5p Kod A straight with PUR cable 3x0.34 to M12 pin 5p Kod A with assignment 1-2, 2-1, 3-3.


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