Cable assembly D-SUB

Cable assembly D-SUB

D-SUB or SUB-D – the theoreticians split hair over it. In the meantime our specialists assemble these and create added value in cable harnessing. We work all numbers of poles and all varieties – standard and D-SUB HD, D-SUB filter connectors, D-SUB ribboncable connectors, D-SUB mixed connectors…

D-SUB with plastic housing or metal housing. D-SUB connectors of all manufacturers, with multicore cables or single cores, also twisted-pair.

Especially the D-SUB harnesses for laboratory use are often put into braided sleeves where we consider different lengths, temperature requirements and fixing technologies pertaining to individual applications.

D-SUB 37-polig mit 12 geschirmten Paaren

D-SUB assembly shielded twisted-pair-cable side 1 with housing and side 2 without housing

D-SUB-assembly unshielded control cable

D-SUB-assembly mixed contacts

D-SUB-assembly mixed contacts

Micro-D assembly laboratory cable with banana plugs

Verbindung Platine-D-SUB

D-SUB-Verbindungskabel mit zusätzlicher Erdungslitze

BUS-Kabel auf D-SUB

Micro-D Steckerkonfektion mit D-SUB-Stecker