Cable assembly D-SUB

Cable assembly D-SUB

D-SUB or SUB-D – the theoreticians split hair over it. In the meantime our specialists assemble these and create added value in cable harnessing. We work all numbers of poles and all varieties – standard and D-SUB HD, D-SUB filter connectors, D-SUB ribboncable connectors, D-SUB mixed connectors…

D-SUB with plastic housing or metal housing. D-SUB connectors of all manufacturers, with multicore cables or single cores, also twisted-pair.

Especially the D-SUB harnesses for laboratory use are often put into braided sleeves where we consider different lengths, temperature requirements and fixing technologies pertaining to individual applications.

D-SUB 37-polig mit 12 geschirmten Paaren

D-SUB assembly shielded twisted-pair-cable side 1 with housing and side 2 without housing

D-SUB-assembly unshielded control cable

D-SUB-assembly mixed contacts

D-SUB-assembly mixed contacts

Micro-D assembly laboratory cable with banana plugs

Connection between Ciruit Board and D-SUB


D-SUB connection cable with additional ground wire



BUS Cable + D-SUB


Micro-D Cable Assembly with D-SUB-Plug


S-SUB-Plug on AMP MODU Mod.II with PTFE


Inotec DGA09M D-SUB with 2 connectors


Inotec DGA09M D-SUB mit 2 Connectors – ready to use


RJ45 on D-SUB 9p


D-SUB 9p overmolded


Special cable with TE - MCON and CONEC Snap Lock: fast locking and unlocking without additional tools


Wiring harness with Amphenol FCI 10090770 44p HD imn FCT F-PHR-3 to Hirose DF62W female housing 2p and 9p

PHR13 with Contacts SPH-002T-P0.5S on H-SUB 44p HR Amphenol 10090770-S444 in FCT F-PHR-3


Various bridges in Amphenol FCI 44p HD female connector


3 cables on D-SUB socket 25p in ERNI KSG25


provided cable with SCSI socket reworked: S2 shortened, new ferrite, and then new connected to D-SUB socket 62p HD

Interface cable D-SUB 15p with twisted wires, ring cable lug, thermistors, PHR housing and Micro Fit housing

D-SUB 15p with Industrial Ethernet cable 4x2xAWG26 on LEMO FGC.1B.308.CLAD62ZM

Daisy-chain with FMD1 with 2 outlets and each with strain relief


Programming cable AT04-4P and AT06-4S to D-SUB 9p.