cable manufacturer of flat cables and flat-round cables

SAREK presents: the round flat-ribbon cable

A specialty of ours: with self-developed manufacturing process know-how we can offer flat-ribbon cables formed into a round cable.

These are not slotted or sliced ribbon cables: After cutting the line any point of it can be contacted directly in one step, since the unused slit area is omitted. We can offer this type of cable with and without overall shield. The sheath is offered in PVC or abrasion resistant PUR.

As a speciality, flat ribbon cables can also be manufactured especially and flexibly for moving applications with insulation made of the highly abrasion-resistant PUR - even in colors of your choice

3x(LiY 0,25) flat ribbon cable with larger cross section and colored cores welded together

Flat ribbon cable 2 x AWG18 + 3 x AWG22. Transparent and black version. Supply left and right. Dimensions such that all cores are of equal thickness and can be stripped in one step. Side stripes for polarity


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