temperature resistant cables or wires silicone cables teflon cables directly from the cable manufacturer in Stuttgart

Heat or cold – we are ready

Another one of our specialties are wires and cables for high and very high thermal stresses: from - 40 to + 260 ° C with plastic insulation and up to 1000 ° C with mineral insulation. Available as power and data cables with diameters from 0.08 to 1000 mm. We use temperature resistant PVC, PP and PUR as well as TPE, silicone and the fluoropolymers ETFE - FEP - MFA - PFA - PTFE to specifically cover the entire temperature range. We supply PTFE single cores with VDE-print and VDE approved specifically for food service equipment directly from stock.

Many of the materials also provide good to very good durability against moisture, water, oils and chemicals. Available with tin-plated, silver-plated and nickel-plated conductors and as lead or wire.

A specialty is our perfectly round teflon cable with makes the complicated sealing process required for the non-circular standard types so much easier.

Silicone cable with stainless steel braiding prevents corrosion of the conventional galvanized steel braiding in aggressive media


We deliver as yard goods and gladly also made up according to your specifications


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