cable manufacturing tinned wires, nickel plated wires, silver plated wires

Cable production using the raw material metal

We process and supply wire strands of high-purity oxygen-free electrolytic copper as bare wires or with special surface finish: tin-plated wires, nickel plated wires, silver plated wires. For special applications, pure nickel stranded conductors or silver wires are also included in our portfolio.

We can process and supply wires down to a diameter of 0.05 mm: either as bunched conductors, semi-concentric or concentrically stranded. Also available for the shield, as braid or spiral shield, bare or tinned copper wires are used.

One of our specialties are stranded wires made out of thermocouple alloys for thermocouple cables and compensating cables for temperature measurement. We use ropes made of stainless or galvanized steel, to be incorporated into flexible wires as supporting elements so to suspend a lamp directly from the cable, without the need for additional strain relief.


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