Thermocouple wires / compensating cables RTD cables from the the manufacturer in Waiblingen near Stuttgart

From thermal to RTD

Another specialty that we do with knowledge and attention to detail: We manufacture and supply thermocouple extension and compensating cables with calibration and color code according to all relevant national and international standards such as DIN, IEC, NF, BS, ANSI, JIS. Available for all of the elements K, J, L, T, N, E, R, S, B and U.

We supply cable by the meter and are also happy to assembly the cable according to your wishes.

Thermocouple cables / compensating cables and RTD cables in all variants


SAREK offers a range of different cables: thermocouple extension with conductor of the original materials or compensating cables with substitute materials.We supply:

  • solid and stranded conductors
  • From 0.08 to 2.5 mm ²
  • All insulation and jacket materials (PVC, silicone, Teflon, polyurethane)/li>
  • Single and multipair
  • pair- and overall-shielded, also with steel wire or steel round wire armored
  • For MSR applications with lead sheath

Another specialty are our combined hybrid cables for hot runner moulds: thermocouple pairs shielded and then copper supply cores both under a common sheath. Used to supply the heating elements and offer simultaneous temperature measurement. As a result you can save both space and money. For RTD applications available with copper conductor and red and white wires with diameter accuracy.

Hybrid cable with a shielded pair of JX and power as a reinforced silicone cable up to 180 degrees C ambient temperature. This combination cable is also available in PVC for 70 or 105 degrees C.

Spiralized thermo cables and compensating cables are another specialty of ours. We manufacture the cable with a sheath of PUR and spiralize it, on request we also machine the ends. Here a KX for a measuring sensor in the dimension 1 x 2 x 0.22 mm2

Hybrid thermal/compensation cable 13 x 1.0 + (6 x 2 x 0.22 LX DIN shielded)

Hybrid thermal / compensating cable 25 x 1.5 + (12 x 2x 0.22JX IEC shielded). Version in PVC for fixed installation at ambient temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius

Hybrid thermal / compensating cable 21 x 0.75 + (2 x 2x 0.22JX IEC shielded). Version in PVC for fixed installation at ambient temperatures up to 105 degrees Celsius

Insulation with glass silk braiding, cores flat parallel, sheath glass silk braiding. Up to 450 degrees Celsius environment. Conductor wire 0.2 0mm. Simply strip, weld - and the miniature element is ready. When things have to go fast and/or in extremely confined spaces


Miniature sensor cable in RTD design for 400 degrees Celsius: pure nickel strand 7 x 0.15 with colored glass silk braiding as insulation. Stranded with fillers and glass silk braid as protective inner sheath and stainless steel braid with high coverage above. Total diameter only 3.3 mm.


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