Miniature cable

Miniature cable

Space-saving and weight-optimised special cables are becoming smaller and smaller. Starting from the catalogue standard 0.14 mm2 = AWG26, smaller cross-sections such as 0.08 mm2 = AWG28 and 0.05 mm2 = AWG30 are now the absolute state of the art. Often there are requirements beyond that, such as temperature resistance or mechanical strength. Miniature cables are often shielded to prevent interference with the smallest signals. Here you can see a selection of the miniature cables regularly developed and manufactured by SAREK KABEL for specific applications Translated with (free version)

3 x AWG30 shielded. Robust PUR-jacket. Diameter 4.0 mm


10xAWG30 shielded. Insulation and sheath silicone 180oC. Diameter 4,8 mm

8xAWG30. Insulation and sheath Teflon FEP 205oC. Diameter 2,7 mm


1x0.25 mm2. Conductor made of wires 0.05 mm. Insulation robust PUR. diameter 1,4 mm

3x0.2 2 mm2. 3 Kevlar strain relief elements and robust PUR jacket for continuous winding and unwinding. Diameter 3,3 mm

SiF 1xAWG30 = 0.05mm2 with OD 0.75mm

12xAWG30 with cores PP 0,7mm and jacket PVC 4,5mm


Miniature RTD cable 4 x AWG30 with Teflon insulation and silicone jacket and OD 2.5 mm. Temperature range from -40 to +180 degrees Celsius

Thermal cable insulated with glass silk and sheathed with glass silk 2 x 0.20 mm = 0.03 mm2


2 x AWG30 with spiral shield and Teflon banding for smallest bending radii - OD 2.4 mm.

Watch this example for Cable Assembly with Miniaturized Cables.


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