Wire Bundles

Wire bundle - printed stranding composite

Wire bundles or strand bundles are initially like cables without sheaths: different wires are bundled or stranded, but not sheathed. To produce the bundles, coils of different cores are arranged so that they are stripped to length and cut together. On the one hand, this allows "cables" to be made from standard elements in small quantities, and on the other hand, they are not only very flexible and thin, so that installation, e.g. warping in the control cabinet, is very easy.

At Sarek Kabel, the cores are first printed according to requirements. Then the strand bundles are produced: here, different cross-sections or colors can also be combined, even cores and sheathed cables can be connected if required. And if desired, the stranded bundle can then be drawn into a braided sleeving.

The alternative is the printed stranded composite. This is the soul of the cable, the inner workings without the sheath. The printed cores are stranded by machine to form a compact strand. The jacket as a mechanical protection and bundling element can be omitted, especially in the case of control cabinet wiring, and thus saves space, weight and also costs on the product and also in the installation, since stripping is omitted from the outset and the troublesome talcum powder does not have to be cleaned away. The advantage is the compact bundle, which is very easy to install, especially with longer lengths. Sarek Kabel produces and supplies a wide variety of stranding compounds from small minimum production quantities: different cross-sections - also combined, different core colors - also mixed, also different insulation materials for different applications or temperatures.

Some of these bundles and stranded joints are delivered unprocessed if lengths have to be changed on site or cores have to be pulled through bushings first. Or the bundles and stranded assemblies are assembled on one or both sides by our specialists.  A well-known example are the pre-wired front connectors for programmable logic controllers. – find here.

Wire Bundle X05V-K 5G1,0 3000 mm

Wire bundle X05V-K 29x0,5 dbl+1,5gnge with pin insert 42+PE Series C146DD

Wire bundle X05V-K 30G0,5 1800mm plain

Wire bundle X05V-K 41G0,5 2500 mm with pin insert 42P H-DD 42BCM.

Printed wire bundle with 1-60*0.5mm2 + 1-10 1.0mm2 each with matching seals and JPT contacts.

Printed stranding compound 05V-K 40x0,75 blue.


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