Modular Connectors

Modular connectors

The rejuvenation of the classic heavy rectangular connectors are the new modular assemblies. Proven technology in a new guise enables the construction of individual plug-in connectors from which the specialists at SAREK build individual application-specific cables.


Harting HAN-Modular© with pre-assembled Profinet cables with RJ45, M8 cables, control cables, pneumatic air hose. Assembly in fabric hose.


PHOENIX CONTACT HEAVYCON - Assembled in protective plastic tubing.

HAN2Mod-gg-M32 with 70A pin module and DDD module, pin insert connected with 2x 6mm2 and 4 x 0,5mm2 in plastic application.

Harting and HAN-Modular are registered trademarks.
PHOENIX CONTACT and HEAVYCON are registered trademarks.


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