Cable assembly HDSCS

The universal connector family for the robust requirements of the commercial vehicle industry and off-road vehicles. Equally robust and expertly assembled into an installable cable assembly at Sarek Kabel

1-1418479-1 HDSCS 8p adapter cable to 1-967587-3 MQS

HDSCS 4p test cable to D-SUB



1-1418390-1 4-P with 0-0965785-1 Adapter to corrugated tube

Test harness 2-1703639-1 HDSCS MCP 12-P with 0-1563467-1 Corrugated tube adapter 90o to div connections

Adapter HDSCS to AK2: 1-1418390-1 Bu housing MCP to 1-2141529-1 MCON 1.2

Lab cable 1-1418390-1 to D-SUB 9p and two banana plugs/tower connectors.


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