Cable assembly HIROSE

Cable assembly HIROSE

The compact HIROSE connectors are also produced in top quality by the assembly specialists at Sarek Kabel



HR10A-7R-6S and Molex Series 4809 KK 254 Anti Fishhook on side 2

Cable harness with DF62W-6S-2.2C socket housing 6P and 4P and ferrite sleeve in corrugated tube for operating handle in electric handheld device


customized special cable as connecting cable RJ45 with Neutrik NE8MC-1 and Hirose connector set STP, TM11


Cable harness with Amphenol FCI 10090770 44p HD imn FCT F-PHR-3 on Hirose DF62W jack housing 2p and 9p


HR10A-7P-6S(73) on Molex KK 254 Socket housing


Camera trigger cable HIROSE HR25-7TP-8S(72) to RG 174/U with BNC

Power supply of a camera with HR10A-7P-6S(73) on Phoenix Contact MCVR 1.5/2-ST-3.5


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