Cable assembly RJ45, R12, USB interface cables

Cable assembly RJ45, R12, USB interface cables

The well-known interfaces like RJ45 and USB find more and more use in machinery and plant construction. Often, low-cost standard cables are used. And pretty soon it is clear that a customized connector solution on the second end is needed. Perfect job for the specialists at Sarek Kabel: we customize the second side of a standard interface cable to request. And, on request, we not only produce the cable ready-to-install, but we also package and label it, making it a ready-for-sale cable assembly.

System: Distributor equipped with top-hat rail and control unit, 2 shielded CAT.5e cables with RJ45 prepared, installed, wired


CAT.5 U/UTP mit RJ45 auf Phoenix Contact FK-MCP 1,54/4-St-3,81




Finished assembly USB-A plug modified to 2 x USB-A plug and hollow plug attached

RJ45 on D-SUB 9p


Customized special cable as connection cable RJ45 with Neutrik NE8MC-1 and Hirose connector set STP, TM1

RJ 12 6P6P with flat Teflon module cable wire 6xAWG26

RJ12 6P6P with Dätwyler CAT.5e S/UTP round cable 4x2xAWG26 - cores in pairs, 1 pair shortened; highest signal integrity

Patch cable RG45 to D-SUB 9p male in Harting 09670090343 metal housing.


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