Cable assemblies ERNI MaxiBridge connector

Cable assemblies with ERNI MaxiBridge connectors

The ERNI MaxiBridge connector system with pitch 2,54mm is ideally suited for room-saving connections between PCB and decentral applications with high mechanical stress.

And the specialists at Sarek Kabel process these into, for example, complex cable assemblies for motor control unist. Here we use the possibilities of in-house number-printing coloured single cores which help to prevent mistakes in connection through the colour-coded connectors. Additionally some cores are twisted into pairs before processing, and the individual elements are then taped.

In this way we connect 6 different ERNI MaxiBridge connectors to connectors with up to 160 poles to DIN 41612 or IEC 61076-4-113 or also high-pole D-SUB-connectors.

ERNI and MaxiBridge are registered trade marks of ERNI Electronics GmbH & Co. KG.


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