Cable assembly rectangular connectors

Cable assembly rectangular connectors

Pre-assembled rectangular connectos, generically called Harting-connectors or Harting-assemblies, come in many different shapes and numbers of poles, in plastic or in metal. And all of them are pre-assembled by the Sarek-specialists in a perfect way. Wiring 1:1 or crossover, completely or partly wired, also with electronic components. Wired with multicore cables or numberprinted single cores X05V-K or X07V-K from our own production And of course we also assemble with Amphenol, Wieland, LAPP-Contact, ILME, …

Amphenol C146DD 42+PE

2 x Han 24 E-STI-S in Han 48 B

Han 72DD

Wieland® BAS on BOSCH compact with temperature resistant silicone cable

Harting plastic housing

Harting 40A Crimpmodule

Motor cable for TS 2plus with HAN3A and Q5/0-M-C to-go packed for service technicians incl. bag with wiring diagram and mating connector incl. housing and contacts

HAN D 40 M with HAN SNAP 24B

2 highly flexible silicone wires for power supply of a robot system: 09140022741 70A modules with hinged frame inH-B 6 TG-LB 9-17 grommet housing metal

Test harness TE-MCON with silicone wires on HAN2Mod with 70 A pin module.

Laboratory wiring harness Harting HAN24B to 10 x BOSCH BAK 6p. Each 2 pairs and 4 wires in protective tube and numbered.

6-p female insert HSB 09310062701 in socket housing Han 16B 19300161271 with cable 7G2,5.

09330162701 Harting Han 16 E-bu-s Socket insert (F) Screw connection, 16-pin+PE with different wire colors, lengths and cross-sections, partly on Wago 733-102/000-047 2p and 733-104/000-047 4p


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